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Bryan HS
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Bryan HS Great album by a great artist. I already wrote a lot about the music but I have to say that the physical copy is totally worth it, especially coming from a label that shipped with a ton of extras that I really don't understand but think are cool anyway.

I can safely say that my money went to wonderful people.
And also the post office probably.
Fuck the post office.
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Xzeon hey this cd is cool whyd ont everyone buy it you like sound? this has sound i mean for sounds its a good deal see that bird? bird jpg, anime stickers u want MEOW in ur bleep bloop industrial chip tune trap noise,,,,, dis bird wow - 10/10 IGN
  • Limited Edition CD-R w/ Stickers, Buttons, dino, etc.
    Compact Disc (CD)

    A CD release of Exabyte's "static" (

    Home printed CD-R's enclosed in hand-folded cardstock CD sleeves. Run of 25 units.

    Comes with stickers, a 1.50" button, and misc. goodies. Leave a note if you wish to have a specific button, otherwise one will be picked at random.

    Please allow 1-2 weeks from your time of ordering, for the order to ship out, thank you very much : )

    Sold Out



A CD re-release of Exabyte's "static"


"Woah, it's Static! But it's in CD form now, so you can show your mom or dad or significant other or one of those mall Santas that spawn every Christmas at your local shopping mall.

With every CD comes a sticker or maybe more stickers than one and even sometimes a skateboard and a dinosaur. And a button with anime on it, because ONE this is through the cool as heck label Bijou Bay and two I sampled some anime duders talking at some point. But hey yeah the possibilities are endless! Buy a CD and then scream at your neighbor about how you just bought a dinosaur. You're not lying, maybe!

Anyway this is the EXACT SAME album that you may have heard the digital version of already so don't expect any new songs or anything like that yet. I was going to add wind chimes to a track but they aren't on here. I'm very sorry about that. I'm sorry I crushed your wind chime dreams. Very sorry.

So uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Yes buy this. Thanks and I love you."



released July 3, 2015

Exabyte - all da music shit

BIJOU BAY - 003///BAY === CD-R



all rights reserved


Bijou Bay Byers, Colorado

thanks for bearing with me!

///label dedicated to short-run physical releases

///otouto of The Worst Label (@TheWorstLabel), found at

///ran by Minogame (@bijludai) found at

keep your dignity
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